The Muir Woods Park

The Muir Woods Park, CA

The Muir Woods Park, CA

The National Monument is a thrilling destination for anyone residing or visiting San Francisco. It is a protected nature reserve that hosts the last coastal redwood forests remaining in the world. In the reserve, visitors can go for a picnic among the trees, relax or hike to enjoy a spectacular experience close to the city. The Muir woods is part of the National Recreational Area at the Golden Gate. It also encompasses outdoor attractions nearby such as Fort Baker and Stinson Beach. All these points offer elegant views of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Accessibility in Muir Woods Park

Arriving at the park, you will come across a visitor’s center and a gift shop at the entrance. There is a boardwalk from that point that will take you to the popular and easy hiking trails of the park. Most of the tours in the park come from the city and take about four to eight hours. The duration is determined by the activities included in the tour. The park is located across the Golden Gate Bridge on the Northern side of San Francisco. That means it is very easy to get there by public means of transport. However, the easiest and most convenient way is using an organized tour.



The park is home to a number of birds and fish. The Redwood Creek is a significant spawning habitat for various endangered fish species. They include the silver salmon, steelhead trout, and coho. Migrations usually start after heavy rains in winter when the sandbar at the beach is breached. Once the beach is restored, salmon runs decline. The spawning rituals of the salmon can be watched from the footbridges crossing the creek. Rare birds like the Northern Spotted Owls in addition to more than 50 other bird species are found at the park. The low number is attributed to the absence of insects in the park. The insects are repelled by tannins produced by the trees.


Important tips before visiting

The national park service in an attempt to improve the experience of visitors launched a shuttle and parking reservation system. There is no Wi-Fi or cell phone network access around the park. Therefore, plan your reservations in advance. Muir Woods park is very popular and thus receives a huge number of visitors. Parking space is however limited thus strongly recommended that you opt for public transport. A good recommendation for the peak seasons is using the Muir Woods shuttle services. There are numerous exhibits and a wide selection of information materials in the park. These are helpful in giving you insights into the park before you start your exploration.

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What to do before traveling abroad

traveling abroad

traveling abroad

Different reasons arise as to why you may need to travel. It might be for leisure, holiday, work or just adventure. No matter the reason, there are preparatory measures that you must put in place before setting on that journey. The travel becomes more sensitive if you are traveling abroad as the things you need to do in preparation for the trip are not only many in number but also considerably of high concern. Here are the top 3 things you must consider before traveling.


Always consider your safety, health, and security before traveling. It includes your well-being while on your trip and even after you have arrived at your destination. Do you need any prior vaccinations before traveling to a different country? Always get this information from your doctor or insurance provider so that you can take the appropriate measures in time. In addition, always carry your medical insurance card with you if it supported in your country of destination because it will come in handy in case you fall ill.


Never travel without your identification documentation as well as any other document that is relevant for the trip. This might include passport, airport boarding pass and hotel check-in. For backup purposes, remember to make and carry copies of your documents especially your passport so that when you lose your original copy, you do not get stranded in your country of destination.


Plan your financial needs appropriately before traveling so that you don’t get yourself stranded. Check out all conversions beforehand to enable you to plan accordingly. It is important to carry with you some local cash because many places will not accept foreign currencies. To do this, it is advisable to visit a bank or an ATM since airport conversion services tend to be a rip-off. If you are using a credit card, ensure that its loaded with enough money for your trip and confirm if it is acceptable in your country of destination.


Always carry out an in-depth research on your destination to have information about the people, the activities that happen in the region, the food, the hotels etc. This information will help your planning in terms of securing and booking for the best and affordable hotel and also make your stay more comfortable because you will know what to expect. Get information on exciting sites that you can visit while there or events happening in the area which can be of interest for you to attend as you maximize on your visit. It will be a shame learning of exciting activities that happened during your visit, but you only learn of them after you have left. It’s not easy for you when you are traveling abroad, look at the advantages and disadvantages of a long-term trip which is a brief introduction.

The advantages and disadvantages of a long-term trip

The advantages and disadvantages of a long-term trip

The advantages and disadvantages of a long-term trip

Whether you’re on the job market or at school, you’ve probably made several short-term trips and you’ve probably found that it’s not long enough. Preferably, you would have gone longer. It is therefore common to hear people say that they would like, at least once in their life, to take a long trip and take a sabbatical year. On the other hand, it is very important to study the pros and cons of the long trip before making this drastic decision.


No time constraints

What better than to take the time to explore a country at a more relaxed pace without being pressed for time! Well, we must still respect the duration of the visa, but as it often allocates us a minimum of three weeks in the country, it gives us enough time to enjoy the destination to the rhythm that we like.

Less expensive travel

Certainly, the cost of a plane ticket is never given. But when you travel long-term, you do not have to constantly go back and forth. Instead, we always shop for single trips to nearby destinations. Sometimes the plane is not even necessary. Just take a bus to the neighboring country. This means that we spend less money to go from one place to another.


Being in a country longer also means having more opportunities to meet the locals and learn more about their culture, to understand the customs and habits of the locals and to be able to share our experiences. Something that is harder to do when you have to move quickly on a short-term trip.



What is the most difficult is the distance that separates us from our loved ones. This is even more true when traveling alone. Yes, we meet new people along the way, but it is the links with people who already know us that we miss after a long period of time. Luckily, we live in a world where it is possible to make video calls. The physical contact is not at the rendezvous, but it still helps a lot.


Every country has its own little character and is proud of it: the highest waterfall, the most beautiful beach, the tallest tower, etc. After a while, we realize that there are similarities no matter where we are and the wonder that we are supposed to feel when we visit a new country fade away. It’s sad to say, but it’s the truth!
Basically there might be involved a lot of preparation in long-term trip, read the complete article about the advantages and disadvantages of long term travel regardless of where you want to travel.